When Tech Fails

There are many examples of failing technologies, some specifically happened because an electronic facsimile fails.

Here are a few of these big fails due to fax failures.

Jail Time!

Imagine, someone gets arrested, taking to the police station, finger printed, head shots, etc.

By the time that drill is over that person’s attorney already filed all the necessary papers to get bail. However, once sending the bail papers to the police station, the fax doesn’t go through so the bail information is not processed and the person spends a night in jail waiting for the fax machine to get fixed the next day.

You probably can easily recover from one night in jail. But it’s still because of an antiquated system that it happens.

These issues are still happening in 2020.

Good or Bad Memory?

A married couple bought a fax machine in 2017. It was actually refurbish (a used fax machine that was re-sold).

One day, they tried to send a fax and it failed. While trying to extra a copy of the fax that was just sent, the machine spit out 20 facsimile from the previous owner: an insurance company that was using the machine to send patient records. Said records were still complete in the fax machine memory.

Sport Player Transfer Fail

A famous soccer goalkeeper, David de Gea, had an offer for £29.3 pounds to play at Real Madrid. The deal fell through because the fax confirmation made it too late as there were technical problems.

This was in 2015.

US Defense Department Fail

One of the Defense Department offices uses one fax machine to send all their documents. One day, it just gave up.

The Department decided to purchase a new machine, especially since the backlog was growing really fast without the machine processing all the pages at its usual rhythm.

It still took them two days to get the new fax machine in place. It’s probably because they had to get authorization to spend all of that money.

This was in 2013.

Note: In most cases, the US Defense Department, among a few other high level offices in the US, make use of separate phone line. They are the only ones who can access those lines. So using a fax machine on those lines is till pretty safe.

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