About Fax Now Online

Faxing Online is the new way to send faxes in the 21st century.

The very first fax machine was called an Electric Printing Telegraph. It was 1843 and Alexander Bain finally got his new machine to work. This would ease data transmission which at the time still used Morse code (The first Voice Phone appeared in 1876).

However Bain’s machine was never commercialized. The first publicly available telefax appeared in 1865 and was used between Paris and Lyon.

Since then, the telefax was transformed in a machine anyone could have at the business and finally at home. Now the “fax machine” was incorporated in printers and smartphones.

Although we still call these machines fax machines, often these are sending the document over the Internet for many reasons; the main one is probably for much higher quality, but security and ease of transmission are also two important factors where the Internet has greatly helped the fax industry.

The Fax Now Online website is a resource where you can find information about fax machines still using regular phone lines and also systems that are available online. I hope you enjoy your journey around this resource.